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hunting cabin instadome shelters

Portable Domes offer several advantages to the hunter(‘s). It permits extended hunting trips with more time devoted to hunting and learning the area and carries very few scents that could detour game in the area.

It allows the hunter to stay in or close to game country, where they can spend less time setting up a hunting camp and more time actually hunting in those sites. The Dome allows persons who enjoy the camping/hunting experience to expand the enjoyment of their hunting experience and to share it with a few like-minded people (our domes can sleep up to 6 men comfortably). It allows the hunter to “get away from it all” and recreate his or her spirit in the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Setting up the dome is easy and cost effective for year after year enjoyment. Since our portable domes are made from aerospace plastic it will not discolor or rot. Our dome will serve your needs for more than 20 years and best of all.. You can take it down and move it for any other need you may have such as a storm shelter or a wood shop. Standard dome features include 2 sliding windows and a metal door. The windows can be configured in about any location alongside the dome for front and rear viewing.


20 foot pod shelter instadome shelters



The benefits of InstaDomeā„¢ Shelters for Hunting Camps and retreats:

  • Cool during the heat of day and warm at night
  • Taken down and reassembled as many times as needed
  • Life expectancy of over 30 years
  • Does not dampen or mildew
  • Can withstand hurricane strength wind
  • Fire resistant
  • Strong enough to shelter from falling rocks
  • Camo netting can be placed over the dome shelter to provide invisibility to game.

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